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True HD: What does it mean?

The "HD" is more than just a fun marketing buzzword. It's a quantifiable fact.


Radar Vision Explained

Radar vision. What is it? Some crazy super power or mutant ability?


Moab Adaptive Traffic System

SmartSensor Matrix's true presence detection at the stop bar has enabled Moab, Utah to implement a peer-to-peer adaptive system that addresses seasonal traffic needs at a fraction of the cost.

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SmartSensor Matrix Application Webinar

The ins and outs of using SmartSensor Matrix and the Click 600 series to make your intersection dreams come true.

Calculateeta advance

How SmartSensor Advance Calculates ETA

The SmartSensor Advance is able to do something no other advance detector can do. It calculates real-time ETA information on each vehicle that approaches, but just how does that work?


Adaptive Signal Control System

Accurate, reliable vehicle detections from SmartSensor Advance and SmartSensor Matrix are contributing to a successful adaptive system deployment in a high-traffic area of Houston.


The Adaptive Play

Adaptive intersection control gets a lot of buzz, but it can be expensive and difficult to manage. Knowing best practices can help make deploying an adaptive system a win-win situation.

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How to Determine Where to Install an Adaptive System

Is an adaptive system right for you? Use this handy guide to determine where to install an adaptive system.

I 80 eastshore fwy

An Introduction to Wavetronix Part 3: Cost and Reliability

This is part three of our "get to know us" trilogy where we talk about how our vehicle sensors are the cost-effective choice.


An Introduction to Wavetronix Part 2: Safety and Efficiency

This is the second part of our epic trilogy where we explain how Wavetronix helps increase safety and efficiency across the world.

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An Introduction to Wavetronix Part 1: Who We Are

In the first of a three-part series, we take a look at who we are and were we came from here at Wavetronix.


The Safer Choice

Every road construction project has hundreds of choices associated with it. Make sure to make the safe choice every chance you get.

Eight wayssmartsensor

Eight Ways SmartSensor Matrix is the Most Reliable Intersection Detection

Want to know why SmartSensor Matrix is the best detection at the intersection? In list form? Look no further!


Wavetronix Finalizes Land Deal for New Headquarters

Long-term campus in Springville, Utah will benefit company and community, ground-breaking tentatively planned for Spring 2018.

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Dilemma Zone Webinar

Want to be the department expert on the dilemma zone? Check out this webinar and then let the accolades roll in.


Dispatches from ITS World Congress

Join us as we take a look at some of the Intelligent Transportation wonders on display at the 2017 ITS World Congress.

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Wavetronix is ITS at Montreal World Congress

Wavetronix is back at ITS International, this year in Montreal, and we're excited to show off our latest advancements in detection and traffic cabinet interface devices. Come check us out at booth #824


How to install SmartSensor HD

SmartSensor HD is simple to install. How simple? Check out this guide to get you started.

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Sharing Data

Is there a way to bridge the gap in the ITS industry between Operations and Planning?

Proven+radar 1

From the Ground Up

Radar is proven for detection in the ITS industry, but only if that radar is built for the ITS industry from the ground up.

Land rover2

The Deer Hunter Lesson

An... uncomfortable encounter while deer hunting teaches a lesson in the importance of listening to the people on the front line.


Feds offer states “bonus” funds

The Federal Highway Administration’s annual summer redistribution of unused highway funding is bringing $3.1 billion to state departments of transportation- with a few strings attached. Dale Bartlett, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, gives us his take.

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"Main Street Texas" Smartens Up

Using Wavetronix SmartSensor HD, Texas DOT is taking one of the most important freeways in the state and is adding intelligent features to help improve the lives of motorists.


Data Gaps

As traffic management grows ever more dependent on data, the collection and management of that data becomes even more important. Making sure the right data is collected for the right applications could be the key to successful ITS implementation. 


M3 Goes Smart

In its continuing efforts to improve motorways in the UK, Highways England’s upgrade of the M3 in Surrey and Hampshire was complete with an all-lanes running scheme that utilizes SmartSensor HD to keep things moving smoothly.


Six Things You Don't Need When Installing SmartSensors

Whether you are installing detection on the freeway or at the intersection there’s a few things you shouldn't need with Wavetronix SmartSensors.


The Best Value

By updating our legacy product, Wavetronix created SmartSensor V, the most technologically advanced value option for vehicle detection proving that sometimes, simple is best.


For the Safety of Truckers

Truckers face serious safety issues on the road. SmartSensor Advance Extended Range is one way to help them get home safely.

Argentina flag 1

Argentina's Roads Get Smart

Argentina is modernizing its roadway system and, after extensive testing, is using SmartSensor HD to help them get there.

King+of+the+road b

Rob Klug: King of the Road

Rob Klug runs a team that is turning Clark County, Washington into a beacon for the ITS world. He talks about how keeping current with education and technology is vital for intelligent transportation.

Montreal celebration

Wavetronix and Orange Traffic help illuminate Montreal celebration

Can traffic data be used in an artistic way? Wavetronix, Orange Traffic and the city of Montreal have done just that.


Adaptive system in Texas features positive results

A peer-to-peer adaptive system north of Houston is seeing significant improvement in traffic thanks to a custom-made timing plan and the reliability- and flexibility- of Wavetronix SmartSensors.


M25 All-Lanes Running Scheme

SmartSensor HD’s true high definition radar is helping to manage traffic, ease congestion and reduce costs on the UK’s M25 by contributing reliable data to Smart Motorways schemes like all-lanes running.


Adaptive in Moab

The Utah Department of Transportation awarded an adaptive system in Moab that utilized existing infrastructure including SmartSensor Matrix.

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The Oldest New Thing

Sometimes, trying out new technology can be dangerous. SmartSensors provides a chance to be technologically advanced without the risk of being the first one out.


HD’s Accuracy Proven in China Tests

Multiple tests indicate SmartSensor HD maintains around 98 percent accuracy.


Don't Skimp on the Work Gloves

Sometimes, the effort to save a little bit of money ends up costing you big time.

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Municipal Traffic Detection

SmartSensor HD’s accurate per vehicle speed data, easy installation and low maintenance cost make it an ideal detection solution for large cities.

Dynamic roadspace utilisation manager banner

Dynamic Roadspace Utilization Manager

Portable SmartSensor HD detection stations allow road managers to determine optimal times for lane closures on motorways, reducing congestion in work zones.

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Temporary Detection Stations

SmartSensor HD’s accuracy, reliability and ease of use make it the perfect choice for temporary vehicle detection.

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Point of Entry Stations

SmartSensor Advance’s ability to detect multiple vehicles from over 600 feet away makes it an effective solution to keep traffic flowing at each Idaho point-of-entry station.

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Stop Bar Detection of Bicycles

SmartSensor Matrix is part of a stop bar detection system at Utah intersections that gives green lights not just to drivers but also to bicyclists stopped at red lights.

Web rhodeislandairportspeedmap

Integrated Traveler Assistance System

SmartSensor HD’s data helps keep visitors at Rhode Island’s T.F. Green State Airport better informed about current traffic conditions.

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Stop Bar Detection

SmartSensor Matrix improves safety and saves tax dollars by preventing temporary road closures and reducing long-term maintenance costs at vehicle-activated intersections.

Web img 2013odotradartree4

Advance Tunnel Warning System

SmartSensor Advance and SmartSensor Matrix are integral parts of an Oregon system that notifies drivers of slow or stopped tunnel traffic in order to prevent rear-end collisions.

Webrampmetering 0018

Ramp Metering

The Utah Department of Transportation is utilizing the power of high definition, multi-beam radar to improve the efficiency of ramp metering along Interstate 15.

Bicycle detection banner

Bicycle Detection

Two cities in Canada have discovered the power of SmartSensor Matrix as a replacement for loops in detecting vehicles and bicycles at intersections.

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Traffic Signal Automated Performance Measures

The Utah Department of Transportation is using data from SmartSensors Advance and Matrix in an innovative program that publicizes the performance of signalized intersections.

Web russia sshd

Vehicle Detection for ITS

SmartSensor HD is at the center of an ambitious project to combat the legendary traffic problems that plague Russia’s capital.

Green technology deployment banner

Green Technology Deployment

South Korea’s third-largest city has adopted SmartSensor HD for an ITS system designed to improve efficiency and reduce pollution.

Webastanakazakhstan 0159

Vehicle Detection in Harsh Conditions

One of the world’s most progressive cities relies on the accuracy of SmartSensor HD’s true high definition radar to detect vehicle traffic even in severe winter weather.

Web img 9428

Truck Rollover Prevention System

The accuracy of SmartSensor HD’s dual-beam radar is helping the Texas Department of Transportation prevent semi-truck rollovers on a freeway connector ramp near Houston.

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Wrong Way Detection

SmartSensor HD is part of a coordinated effort to address wrong-way driving on a freeway near San Antonio, Texas, and so far, wrong-way incidents have decreased by as much as 30 percent.

Freeway adaptive system banner

Freeway Adaptive System

SmartSensor HD’s true high-definition radar is helping to keep traffic moving on Houston’s freeways and frontage roads.

Variable speed limits banner

Variable Speed Limits

SmartSensor HD is part of a system that lets Utah drivers know the appropriate speed to travel based on real-time traffic and environmental conditions.

Webheathrow1 blue2

Airport Traffic Management

SmartSensor HD’s accurate and portable vehicle detections helped Heathrow officials monitor and direct traffic throughout one of the largest construction projects in modern history.

Zipper merge traffic management banner

Zipper Merge Traffic Management

An innovative detection system uses SmartSensor HD’s true high definition radar to combat traffic bottlenecks caused by vehicles forced to merge due to lane closures.

Webchina birds nest

Rapid Sensor Deployment

SmartSensor HD’s true high definition radar installs and configures quickly without compromising accuracy or reliability – making it the ideal traffic monitoring choice for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Web montanaintersection

Intersection Advance Warning System

SmartSensor Matrix’s high-definition corner radar is helping to make a dangerous intersection safer as part of a system that warns approaching drivers of slow or stopped vehicles ahead.

Matrix manager 2 1

Wavetronix Releases Matrix Manager Version 2.1

The SmartSensor Matrix interface is now faster and features new zone templates for more flexible sensor configuration.


Astana Intersections Relying on Matrix

Astana, Kazakhstan is rapidly changing. In order to keep up with the traffic challenges that come with population growth, officials there are installing more SmartSensor Matrix radar traffic sensors to keep pace.


Seminole County Intersections Benefiting from Performance Metrics

Officials in Seminole County, Florida are using Wavetronix SmartSensors and revolutionary performance metrics software to actively monitor the performance of 180 intersections.


Matrix Units Deployed in West Yellowstone

Three critical intersections in the town of West Yellowstone, Montana have been equipped with SmartSensor Matrix to help control the flow of traffic accessing the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park.


DIR Massif Central's SmartSensor HD Deployments Expand

Direction Interdépartementale des Routes (DIR) first began deploying SmartSensor HD two years ago, and is in the process of replacing outdated metering stations with the non-intrusive, true high definition radar provided by HD.


Gwinnett County Intersections Monitored by Matrix

Officials in Gwinnett County, Georgia hope to make the frustration of rush hour traffic and the aggravation of sitting at red lights waiting for the light to change, things of the past.

Bike detection southern utah

Annual Event Showcases Matrix Bike Detection

Southern Utah is home to some of the most beautiful rock formations in the US, and is a mecca for cyclists who come from all over for picturesque rides through Utah’s Color Country. It’s also very bike-friendly, thanks in part to the Utah Department of Transportation’s use of SmartSensor Matrix radar traffic sensors at intersections.


Wavetronix Establishes Permanent Presence in Tennessee

Wavetronix has announced it is opening a new regional sales office in Nashville, Tennessee. The office will be managed by Dan Vincent and Walter Escobar and will cover the company’s direct sales activities in Tennessee and Alabama.


Far Data Sends HD to Vietnam

An award-winning system intended to help protect the environment has been introduced to the Vietnamese city of Hanoi, and the deployment marks the first installation of Wavetronix’ SmartSensor HD in the country.

Outside uk office

Wavetronix UK Adds Technical Support Staff, Moves to New Location

The new office at Suite 4B Gatwick House on Peeks Brook Lane in Horley offers more space, better facilities and a dedicated conference room, something that was lacking at the office’s previous location.

Matrix manager 2 1

Wavetronix Releases New Matrix Manager Features, UI

New user interface is easier to use and more intuitive.


Wavetronix, Iteris Settle Patent Infringement Litigation

Wavetronix and Iteris come to an agreement to settle patent infringment litigation filed by wavetronix.

Atec 2015

Wavetronix France Attends ATEC 2015

Wavetronix France announced that they will directly provide products, services and support to the French ITS market during ATEC 2015.

Montana 4

Montana Deploys Advance Warnings at Dangerous Intersections

A dangerous intersection on Highway 2 in Montana is being equipped with advance warning signs designed to inform drivers traveling at or above posted speeds that traffic is slowing ahead.

Sbbjv highly commended managing down costs

HD Project ‘Highly Commended’ at HA Award Ceremony

A road management project on the M25 that uses SmartSensor HD for detection has been recognized by the Highways Agency as “highly commended” for its cost-efficiency.

Uk motorway map m6

UK Preserving M6 Road Surface with HD

More and more, transportation officials in the UK are discovering the benefits of utilizing SmartSensor HD for vehicle detection. The accuracy and reliability of the non-intrusive HD make it an ideal solution for replacing inductive loops on one approach to the M6 Toll Road.


Partnership Between Wavetronix and Beijing Expands

The partnership between Wavetronix and Beijing continues to grow as more and more SmartSensor units are being installed along the streets and highways of the third most populous city in the world.

Udot conference

Utah DOT Hosts Annual Conference

The UDOT conference, which included exhibits, keynote addresses and classes, was attended by thousands of traffic professionals, contractors and suppliers, many of whom have contributed to UDOT’s mission.

Ssm 6

Rural Intersections Benefiting from Matrix

The Wavetronix SmartSensor Matrix is being installed at a new intersection in rural Pennsylvania in order to improve traffic efficiency, and officials hope to use the installation as a model for future deployments at other rural intersections.


SmartSensor Intersections Honored for 'Target Zero'

An impressive signal optimization project in Clark County, Washington, has been recognized by state leaders as an outstanding example of the efforts being made throughout Washington State to reduce traffic fatalities and improve driving conditions.

Uk m25 42

Britain's Smart Motorways Program Expands

In the UK, intelligent transportation includes congestion management schemes on existing motorways that are safer, more efficient, more cost effective and more environmentally friendly than constructing or widening roads.

Pulse ipad

Pulse Magazine Goes Digital

Since 2007, Pulse Magazine has sought to tell the Wavetronix story by sharing its unique insight on a variety of transportation topics while keeping readers up to date with the latest Wavetronix news and product information.


Wavetronix North America Sales Team Expands

Wavetronix is adding to its North America business development team. Jan Seigler has joined Wavetronix and will serve as the company’s regional sales manager in Georgia and South Carolina, two areas that are showing great growth potential.

Texas wrong way

Texas DOT Implements Wrong-Way Driving Countermeasures

A coordinated effort to address wrong-way driving on a freeway near San Antonio, Texas, has led to the implementation of an extensive system that includes SmartSensor HD for vehicle detection.

Traffic 224087

HD Provides Data for Delaware Trip Times

Installations of SmartSensor HD are part of this larger plan to help Delaware drivers stay informed about traffic, emergencies and weather issues that may have an impact on their commute.


High School Student Advances Real Life Transportation Solution

A high school student from the Frisco Independent School District in Texas has used SmartSensor Advance in his senior engineering design project to tackle a common danger at intersections – turn blindness.

Astana kazakhstan 0168

SmartSensor Part of Aggressive ITS Plan

Rapid growth has prompted Astana officials to implement an intelligent transportation system, and Wavetronix sensors have an important part to play in helping the city keep up with traffic.

Sochi 2014

SmartSensor HD Helps Detect Olympic Traffic

During the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Wavetronix continued its tradition of helping improve traffic conditions in the host city.

Its asia 2014

Wavetronix "Scores" in New Zealand

The 13th annual ITS Asia Pacific Forum, held 28–30 April in Auckland, New Zealand, featured a unique look at the culture of New Zealand, including a traditional Maori welcome. New Zealand also used the event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ITS New Zealand.


Wavetronix Expands Educational Offerings

Wavetronix is expanding its educational program to offer more opportunities, as well as industry recognition for those who participate in Wavetronix-sponsored events.

China map

Wavetronix Celebrates a Decade in China

It’s a time of drastic change for the transportation industry in China and for the past decade, Wavetronix has helped bring modern intelligent transportation systems to what is becoming the fastest growing vehicle market on earth.


Wavetronix Introduces Revolutionary Controller Interface

The new Click 650 connects SmartSensor Advance and SmartSensor Matrix directly to traffic controllers while greatly reducing its cabinet footprint.

Rear end

SmartSensor HD Helps Reduce rear-End Collisions

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the Texas Department of Transportation have deployed a unique end-of-queue warning system in work zones that aims to decrease the frequency of rear-end collisions during construction.

Red light running

FDOT Halo Project Seeks to Stop Red Light Collisions

A unique pilot project in Florida aims to prevent collisions caused by red light runners. The Florida Department of Transportation has given the city of Jacksonville permission to install the Halo automated collision prevention system at 11 intersections, and officials hope the system, which uses SmartSensor Advance for vehicle detection, will help save lives.


Wavetronix Innovation Evident in Recent Product Updates

The engineers at Wavetronix continue to innovate, with upgrades announced for nearly every product line. Changes include hardware and software updates, and one new Click product that promises to revolutionize traffic cabinet interfaces.


Wavetronix France Office Expands

Wavetronix has added a critical position to its office staff in France, as part of ongoing efforts to meet the long-term needs of the European ITS market. Pierre Menuet joins Wavetronix as an application engineer whose responsibilities will include technical training and customer support.

Utah variable speed

UDOT Debuts Variable Speed System

A project to bring variable speed limits to one of Utah’s busiest canyon highways has been implemented by the Utah Department of Transportation.

Atec 2014

Wavetronix Exhibits at France ATEC

The ATEC ITS France annual conference is recognized as one of the essential events for players in the French transportation sector. This year, Wavetronix shared its exhibit with Magsys, the authorized Wavetronix distributor in France and one of the most respected technology suppliers in the French ITS market.

Tustin install below

SmartSensor Matrix Part of Tustin City Ranch road Extension

City unveils a unique “in-the-box” detection scheme that uses Wavetronix radar to ensure that both vehicles and bicycles pass safely through intersections.


BYU Names Wavetronix CEO ‘Honored Alumnus'

David Arnold received special recognition from his alma mater for his contributions as an “entrepreneurial engineer.”

Its australia

Wavetronix Participates in Australian ITS Summit

The 2013 Australian ITS Summit was held in Sydney in September, with 32 exhibitors and more than 400 registrants. Attendees were able to hear about international issues and ITS projects from around the world.

Its world congress 2015

Wavetronix Participates in ITS World Congress

Visitors to the Wavetronix kiosk were introduced to SmartSensor HD and SmartSensor Matrix and learned about the applications possible with each sensor.

Bike lane tustin sharper

California City Tests Matrix Bike Detection

A long-awaited road project in Tustin, California is nearing completion and the city is using SmartSensor Matrix in innovative ways to make the new roadway friendlier to cyclists. The Tustin Ranch Road Extension project, which will connect Interstate 5 with Von Karman Avenue in nearby Irving, has been in the works since the 1970s and is eagerly anticipated by residents, according to former Tustin Mayor Lou Bone.

Josh jen

Wavetronix Introduces New Pulse Writers

Their skills and attention to detail will help us tell the Wavetronix story more effectively, especially as we expand globally.

France 1544526 1280

DIR EST Reaches New Heights

The company selected SmartSensor HD for its ease of use and quick installation.

London web

British DRUM System Hits Milestone

DRUM has been recognized as an innovation that has changed the way agencies manage construction zones.

Traffex 2013

Wavetronix Instructs Traffex Attendees to "Get Out of the Road"

Non-intrusive detection has become a hot topic in the ITS industry, particularly in the UK, where the Aiming for Zero initiative calls for the elimination of road work fatalities.

Ssv 3

SmartSensor Monitors Traffic at Players Tournament

Employees were able to provide traffic information to drivers on variable message signs, and could alert authorities when traffic flow slowed and needed to be rerouted.

Bike 1

Matrix Bike Detection Tested at Utah Intersections

UDOT has been able to save money by implementing the system at intersections that were already equipped with SmartSensor Matrix.

Tame your traffic

"Tame Your Traffic" with Wavetronix

The creator of Digital Wave Radar introduces new product features and a focus on applications designed to give DOTs more control over traffic.

Cover m25

SmartSensor HD Monitors Traffic in Kent

Amey opted to mount SmartSensor HD on an adjacent lighting column in order to resolve the site’s detection issues.


Wavetronix' UK Staff Expands

Paul has been a strong advocate for Wavetronix within the UK, and we are thrilled to bring him on board.

Greenville cabinet adjusted

City of Greenville Adopts Wavetronix Traffic Sensor Technology

The City of Greenville is installing SmartSensor Matrix in place of loops, which have been used in the city for more than four decades but require frequent maintenance or replacement.

140614 autoroute a36 01

SmartSensor HD Deployed on French Autoroute

SmartSensor HD will be used to monitor vehicle volumes and speeds and was chosen for its ease of use and quick installation.

French road

French Highways Benefiting From Unique Partnership

A unique collaboration between public and private entities is working to improve traffic conditions on some of France’s busiest roads.

Denmark flag 1393114 960 720

Denmark Selects HD for Road Widening Project

In an effort to minimize delays, the DRA is installing 10 SmartSensor HDs throughout the construction area to monitor traffic across all lanes.

Prepare to stop

Ohio DOT Replacing Flashing Warning Signs with SmartSensor Advance

Advance’s detections will now activate non-flashing signs that warn of the upcoming intersection in order to make the intersection safer for all drivers.

Screenshot 2017 05 31 13.45.41

UK HD Project Wins Technology Award

“It is an excellent application of radar technology, which is helping to reduce costs, avoid network delay and disruption and improve road user and worker safety.”


Wavetronix Sponsors Ragnar Race Team

“Team building, friendship and motivation are just some of the benefits of being a part of something like Ragnar.”

Cracker barrel in san antonio%2c tx img 0498

Wavetronix Detecting Traffic at Cracker Barrel

“We have received a lot of positive feedback about Wavetronix from engineers and signal technicians in the area. In over 25 years in the traffic signal industry, I have never seen a product that is more reliable than SmartSensor.”

Downtown vancouver sunset

HD Featured in Vancouver Project

This represents the largest ITS deployment in British Columbia to date. HD is expected to provide the accurate occupancy, speed and volume data.

Joe jake gartland

Wavetronix Adds Critical Positions to Global Team

These new employees will help us solidify our position by taking better advantage of global opportunities.


Wavetronix International Dealer Network Expands

“Effective dealers are an essential part of our success. The contributions they make are a vital part of our strategy, especially as we establish our presence in new markets.”


Wavetronix Brings Manufacturing In-House

Customers will benefit because Wavetronix will have greater control over product quality.

Ssm 4

Indiana Evaluating Matrix Event Exit System

The high-contrast, two-dimensional image created by Matrix allows the city’s traffic officials to distinguish between large- and medium-sized event exits and respond accordingly.

Russia 0437

SmartSensor HD Selected for ITS Moscow Project

To date, 1,241 SmartSensor HD units have been purchased and are being installed along Moscow roads as part of the ITS Moscow project.

Bradenton fl us 41 green bridge02

Florida County ATMS includes HD

Forty SmartSensor HD units have been installed at mid-block locations to monitor traffic volumes and vehicle speeds on approaches to dozens of intersections.

Advance texas 2012

Study Finds Advance Viable for Video, Loop Replacement

“The radar detected gaps in traffic better than video and exhibited detection accuracy that was on par with video in good weather. It is not affected by weather or light, so its accuracy under adverse conditions would exceed video.”

Hd matrix 0010

Florida Projects Highlight Benefits of SmartSensor

Officials say the system is keeping traffic moving by keeping drivers informed of conditions.


New Patents Issued to Wavetronix

The three patents protect Wavetronix’ method of detecting vehicles at the intersection stop bar and were originally filed as a single patent application.

Sensor family angle reflect

Wavetronix Sensors Identified as Outstanding Products

The survey asked traffic engineers to identify outstanding traffic engineering products, and SmartSensor Advance, SmartSensor HD and SmartSensor Matrix were all nominated.

Michael kline

Wavetronix Names New North American Sales Director

“In the span of just a few days I had approximately 150 phone calls congratulating me, and all of them were extremely positive. It says a lot to me about Wavetronix’ reputation and the opportunity I now have to be a part of it.”

Ssm 6

States Add Matrix to Approved Lists

SmartSensor Matrix had been evaluated, approved and placed on the Approved Product List in compliance with state law.

Lock and key

Security System Utilizes Advance

The system is designed to protect the California Independent System Operator from attack and relies on data from SmartSensor Advance

World map simple black

SmartSensor HD a Big Hit at International Expos

"Both shows were very successful, and we look forward to participation in the next shows in 2012."

Hd smart angle white

Oregon Study Lauds HD Accuracy

As a result of its performance, SmartSensor HD has been recommended as a suitable radar traffic sensor for Oregon DOT's ITS applications.

Ogden construction 1

Utah Construction Project Using Matrix

The Utah Department of Transportation has set up temporary intersections and equipped them with SmartSensor Matrix, to help manage the flow of traffic in these critical work zones.


Wavetronix Establishes Permanent Presence Overseas

"These new locations represent a permanent presence in these areas. Customers in these areas can feel confident that Wavetronix is there to stay and prepared to support them in their projects."

Yellow light

Advance Keeps Pennsylvania Traffic Moving

In total, nearly a hundred different sites have been identified for installation by the end of the year, and officials are confident many more sites will be identified in the future.

Hd smart angle white

Michigan Adds New SmartSensor Deployments

The new deployments are part of two separate ITS projects: 65 sensors in the Grand Rapids regions; and another 20 in the Detroit metro area.

Hd advance

SmartSensors Included on New FDOT APL Contract

Initial response to the new contract has been very positive.


Wavetronix Launches Successful Training Program

The Wavetronix Continuing Education Program offers technical courses in the installation, use and troubleshooting of Wavetronix products; and the design of ITS and intersection systems using Wavetronix devices.

Ssm 4

Fort Worth Stop Bar System Deployed

It's no surprise that Texas is one of the first in the nation to adopt the SmartSensor Matrix for intersection stop bar detection

Idaho port of entry

Idaho Point of Entry Takes Command

Advance monitors the vehicles exiting the freeway and looks for vehicle speeds in relation to the entrance of the ramp

Canada road

Canada Welcomes Matrix

Multiple intersections have been equipped with SmartSensor Matrix and acceptance of the sensor is spreading throughout the country.

Hd smart angle white

SmartSensor Increases Northern Exposure

The Ministry has been most impressed with the higher level of speed accuracies over previous technologies used in the past


Wavetronix Receives European Patent

"Wavetronix is committed to being a technology leader, and our continued success in patenting our technologies is evidence of the innovations we've developed," says Thomas Karlinsey, a senior engineer at Wavetronix.

Itsa award trophy

SmartSensor Matrix Wins Best of ITS Award

Radar stop bar detector named "most innovative new product" at ITS America

Matrix open

Wavetronix Unveils Innovative New Sensor

Radar stop bar detector named a finalist for Best of ITS


Wavetronix Opens New World Headquarters

Move to larger office space comes in response to impressive international growth.

Command collector

Texas Project Moves Forward with HD

SmartSensor HD was selected to monitor traffic volumes and vehicle speeds because Texas officials are familiar with the sensor and were confident, from past experience, that SmartSensor HD was the best unit to meet their needs.

Yellow light

Florida Latest State to Approve SmartSensor Advance

SmartSensor Advance "has been evaluated, approved, and placed on the Approved Product List" for dilemma zone protection applications.

Hd smart angle white

Innovative Ice Warning System Evaluated

In 2009, SmartSensor HD units were installed by researchers from the Oregon Institute of Technology's Traffic Engineering Laboratory to assess the system's effectiveness.


Wavetronix Growth Continues

To accommodate that growth, the company has moved its headquarters to a larger office space in Provo, Utah; and it has established regional sales offices overseas in order to better respond to needs in the international market.


ITSA CEO To Congress: "Invest in ITS"

Benefits of investing in ITS include job creation and economic growth; the US Department of Transportation says an average of 50 percent of ITS spending goes directly to wages.

London web

Dynamic Roadwork Utility Benefits British Drivers

The system has been used to great success on several UK road projects since 2007, including the Dartford Tunnel and Bell Common Tunnel projects.

Westlake hall%2c bradley university

Acceptance of Advance Expands

Acting engineer of operations Aaron Weatherholt writes, "Microwave based non-intrusive, dynamic dilemma zone protection is a promising technology to improve safety at the high speed approaches of signalized intersections."


New Patents Issued

Patents have also been granted to protect Wavetronix' digital signal generation process.

South africa

South African City Expands HD Deployments

The purchase of these sensors is part of the city's initiative to improve the effectiveness of its traffic management system.


Missouri Bridges Getting Clicked!

The 500 series of DIN-rail mountable modules allows programmers to build custom applications to enhance their communication cabinets.

Ssa 3

Utah Intersections Advancing Safety

Officials with the Utah Department of Transportation say the goal is to maintain the road's efficiency while simultaneously increasing safety, especially for the road's heavy truck traffic.

271px seal of the florida department of transportation.svg

SmartSensors Added to Florida Approved List

Florida has more SmartSensors installed than any other state, and both sensors have been included in several key deployments.

Hd cu

Albuquerque Tests SmartSensor HD in Rush Hour

Study participants found that, despite constant congestion, SmartSensor HD had 97.88 percent accuracy for the total hourly volume compared to manual counts.

Hd smart angle

Unique Sensor Station Honored

Far Data selected SmartSensor HD for its traffic detection because it is non-intrusive, works in all weather conditions and is highly accurate.

Obama inaugural address

SmartSensor HD Deployed for Obama Inauguration

"Planning officials will be able to use the data to determine future usage and funding needs, both for day-to-day traffic and for future events like this," says Mike Rose, Wavetronix vice president of sales. "This will be enormously valuable information."

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Advance Intersection Debuts in Utah

"We're going to be looking at the detection and operation of every traffic signal UDOT owns," Kinnecom said. "We're going to upgrade the detection to make it work as efficiently as we can."

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New Zealand Goes High Definition

Mohammed Hikmet, director of HMI, says, "These installations demonstrate the unique flexibility of the SmartSensor HD to provide detection accuracy in both the local council data planning location and the ITS freeway location."


New Patent Issued to Protect HD

Wavetronix takes patent protections very seriously and has shown a commitment to enforcing patent laws.

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Utah's Legacy Goes HD

UDOT is using HD's per vehicle speed data to calculate travel times, which are displayed on variable message signs along with I-15 trip times so commuters can choose the route that best serves their purposes.

Hd on florida turnpike

Variable Speeds Take Off in Florida

FDOT's regional traffic management center can vary the speed limit in response to rush hour or accidents and other congestion-causing incidents.

Construction ahead

Study Highlights Benefits of Work Zone System

The study team found up to 28 percent reductions in mainline traffic volume during congested periods.

Fog traffic

Caltrans Adds HD to Fog Warning System

Visibility in a tule fog is typically less than an eighth of a mile; over a twenty year period, these fogs were responsible for more than 200 crashes, 130 injuries and 18 fatalities.

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Controlling Congestion in Cape Town

Cape Town is taking advantage of new traffic monitoring technologies and is deploying several SmartSensor HD units in a first-of-its-kind system in the region.


SmartSensor HD Part of Colorado Study

The system is designed to reduce the number of wildlife-related crashes that occur along this stretch of Highway 160.

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Hawaii Upgrades to High Definition

Like many states, Hawaii sees the benefits of utilizing a single detection technology for both planning and ITS applications

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Study Highlights Benefits of Advance Detection

"The average rate of [red light running] incidences per unit time is decreased by more than 3 times with the use of the SmartSensor."

Command dataview

New Command Product Unveiled

DataView will be sold as part of the Command line of data management appliances beginning in September, 2008.

Traffic blurry

Mid-Block SmartSensors Improving Traffic Flow

The system uses adaptive methods to control traffic signaling on three of the city's busiest roads, and it uses SmartSensor to monitor traffic.

Command collector

DataCollector Reporting Pack Released

Both reports can be useful, especially for smaller, city- and county-based transportation departments. The expansion is available for both the Desktop and Server editions of Command DataCollector.

Ssa 2

Utah Intersections Advancing Safety, Efficiency

More than 70 sensors have been purchased by UDOT as part of the agency's ongoing efforts to improve intersection safety and efficiency.


Virginia Launches Innovative Hurricane Evacuation System

"I believe this is the first evacuation system to offer video, weather, vehicle detection and wireless communications all on one portable, solar-powered platform," says Noah Jenkin, ASTI's director of sales.

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Beijing in HD

Mike Rose, vice president of sales at Wavetronix, says China selected SmartSensor HD because of its ability to accurately detect vehicle volumes and per vehicle speeds.

Texas construction

Work Zone System Deploys in Texas

A work zone detection system in Texas is earning rave reviews.

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Mid-Block System Heads to Florida

Florida has the greatest number of SmartSensor and SmartSensor HD units in deployment.

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Illinois Monitors with SpeedMap

District 8 will use SpeedMap to monitor a sensor network consisting of Econolite Autoscope video detectors, GRR Canoga Microloops and several SmartSensor HD units from Wavetronix

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Purdue Engineering studies SmartSensor Advance

The Purdue study compared the Wavetronix Advance intersection radar system to buried loops

Command collector

DataCollector Diplomacy

DataCollector 2.2 allows these two disconnected groups to share sensor networks, giving them access to identical data while still allowing each department to maintain as much autonomy as they wish.

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Wisconsin DOT Planning Picks HD

The sensors will collect the volume data that Planning uses to track seasonal changes in traffic.

Advance old case

Portland Study Using SmartSensor Advance

Portland is using SmartSensor Advance to help improve safety at intersections with high freight traffic.

Hd sales

HD's Popularity Soars

HD's popularity will continue to climb.

Denver international airport

Denver Airport Goes HD

DIA will use SmartSensor HD to monitor traffic volumes year-round; they will also use the sensor data to generate trip times.


Houston Transtar Installs SmartSensor

Houston Transtar has installed more than 65 sensors.

Hd on florida turnpike

Wavetronix Wins Big in Florida

Deploys more than 1,100 SmartSensors to create one of the largest continuous detection corridors in the U.S.

Command collector

Wavetronix Unveils DataCollector 2.0 at ITSA 2007

Latest version offers new features, improved functionality

Cmd logo

Wavetronix Introduces Command SpeedMap at ITSA 2007

Like all Command data appliances, SpeedMap is an integrated software/hardware solution that is ready for immediate deployment as soon as it is removed from its box.

Command collector

Illinois DOT Reports Successful DataCollector Deployment

"The capability and cost of DataCollector seemed to fit our needs, and we trusted Wavetronix to provide us with a real turn-key solution."


SmartSensor Contributes to Award-Winning Project

Illinois DOT project named 2006 ITS Midwest Project of the Year

Taipei taiwan

Wavetronix Announces 500 New SmartSensor Deployment in Asia

In Taiwan, officials in Taipei City selected SmartSensor for deployment after extensive evaluation.


Wavetronix Celebrates Favorable Legal Victories

Company Celebrates Favorable Results in Patent Infringement Litigation

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Wavetronix Announces New Click! Devices

The Wavetronix Click! product line has announced several new products, as well as new applications that are currently available as part of the Wavetronix Certified Systems series.

Itsa 2006

Wavetronix Unveils SmartSensor HD at 2006 ITSA

With high-definition radar, SmartSensor HD is able to provide features unavailable from any competitive device.

Command translator

Wavetronix Launches New DataTranslator Appliance

"DataTranslator integrates with virtually any network, providing a much-needed service to the intelligent transportation industry."

Brian hagan

Wavetronix Names New Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hagen joined Wavetronix in 2002 and served as the product manager for the Wavetronix Command line of traffic data management appliances prior to this promotion.

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SmartSensor Advance Debuts in Arizona

"Our primary goal is to reduce accidents by allowing the high speed approaches more time, when needed, to clear the intersection." 


SmartSensors Shipped for Vegas FAST Phase 2

The new SmartSensors will be installed along Interstate 15 between Interstate 215 and U.S. 95; and on CC 215 between Decatur Blvd and I-15.

World congress 2005

Wavetronix Enjoys Dual Presence at ITS World Congress

Wavetronix had a dual presence at the 2005 ITS World Congress in San Francisco, hosting not one, but two exhibits aimed at reinforcing the company's position as a leader in the intelligent transportation industry.


Wavetronix Celebrates Five Years

"We entered this market with a goal to be the best in the industry, and we've accomplished that. We're not just keeping pace, we're setting the pace and changing the way people manage traffic."


Las Vegas Orders More Sensors

FAST is an aggressive ITS implementation designed to manage current traffic congestion and anticipate the city's future transportation needs.

Downtown colorado springs 3 by david shankbone

Colorado Springs Selects SmartSensor

SmartSensor will be used to monitor vehicle presence, occupancy and speed; the city will use this data to manage congestion and plan for future projects. Wavetronix is represented in the project by Advanced Traffic Products, Inc. of Everett, Washington, an authorized Wavetronix dealer.


Wavetronix Hosts ITIP Booth at AASHTO

ITIP is a federal initiative that encourages heavily congested municipal areas to utilize intelligent transportation systems by offering federal money for system implementation.


Wavetronix Moves to Protect Patented Technologies

David Arnold, CEO and co-founder of Wavetronix, says patents are a valuable and necessary part of technological innovation because they encourage businesses to take risks. "We have a responsibility to use the patents we've received to protect our technology." 

Nevada 932708 1280

SmartSensor Joins the Neon Lights of Las Vegas

Sixty-five Wavetronix SmartSensors are being installed along Interstate 15 and US 95 through downtown as part of Nevada's Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST) project.

New york nyc

Wavetronix SmartSensor Deployed in New York City

"Approval in New York was important for us because a lot of the industry looks to New York as a good example of active ITS implementation."


Wavetronix Receives Patent for Digital Wave Radar

"We believe we have a superior product, and we will continue to develop cutting edge technology in pursuit of safer, more efficient roads."February 19, 2004


Wavetronix SmartSensor Chosen for Taiwan ITS Improvement Project

"We are very excited about the opportunity Wavetronix has to continue to partner with Taiwan in solving their ITS needs with SmartSensor."

Minderday portrait

Wavetronix Announces New Director of ITS- Asia

Mr. Day joins Wavetronix as the company expands its presence in Asia with additional sensor installations in Taiwan and China.


Wavetronix Wins Contract for Iowa Transportation Project

"This contract means a lot to Wavetronix because we were selected for the quality of our product and not because we were the lowest bidder."


Wavetronix to Address Traffic Congestion at Congressional Technology Fair

The event gives companies like Wavetronix the opportunity to show Congress the tools currently being used to make existing roadways more efficient.


Wavetronix Receives Patent for Auto-Configuring Traffic Detection System

"This patent reinforces our position as a leader in traffic radar technology, and Wavetronix will continue to develop cutting edge technology in pursuit of safer, more efficient roadways."


Wavetronix Named "Top 20" Tech Company by Utah Business Magazine

Wavetronix Reputation as Leading Edge Digital Wave Radar Technology Firm Lands Company Honors in the State of Utah


Wavetronix SmartSensor is Making Waves in the Intelligent Transportation Community

Wavetronix Ships World's Only 10.525ghz Digital Wave Radar Evaluation Kits to Strategic Accounts