SmartSensor HD is at the center of an ambitious project to combat the legendary traffic problems that plague Russia’s capital.

Project Team

The ITS Moscow project; the Moscow Transportation Ministry; and Stroy Invest, an authorized Wavetronix channel partner.

Project Scope

The ITS Moscow project was created to combat traffic jams in Moscow and improve driving conditions throughout the region. Deploying SmartSensor HD to monitor traffic and collect accurate speed, volume, occupancy and vehicle classification data is just the first step toward a comprehensive intelligent transportation system. Nearly one billion US dollars has been designated for the project, which is expected to be fully implemented by 2015.

Problems and Challenges

Moscow has some of the worst traffic congestion in the world. On average, 700,000 vehicles commute into the city each day; with an estimated 4,000,000 vehicles registered in Moscow and the surrounding area, Moscow’s aging road system is overwhelmed, and the result is almost constant congestion. Without reliable vehicle detection, transportation officials lack the data to adequately plan for future development and the ability to ease congestion so that Moscow’s roads are safer and more efficient.


After extensive testing, Moscow chose to install SmartSensor HD for vehicle detection. Testing was conducted by Stroy Invest, an authorized Wavetronix channel partner and a respected supplier of technology. HD was selected because it tracks vehicles in multiple lanes and provides highly accurate data. This data will be incorporated into the full system and will serve as the basis for traffic management, incident response and traveler information applications.


The installation of SmartSensor HD is an important first step in bringing ITS Moscow to life. Currently, HD’s data is being used in planning efforts to help shape Moscow’s intelligent system; eventually, the data will be used to give drivers the real-time information needed to make informed decisions about their commute. “SmartSensor HD proved to be the best sensor for this project,” says Sergey Strizhenov, import coordinator at Stroy Invest. “The accuracy and reliability of this sensor best fit the needs of ITS Moscow.”

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