At Wavetronix, one of our core missions is to create challenging and rewarding careers that benefit employees, their families and our community. Wavetronix employees are expected to stretch themselves and to constantly develop skills; to contribute to their immediate team and to the whole company; and to produce results that are personally rewarding and essential to the company’s success.

At its core, Wavetronix is an engineering and technology company, but our support teams have grown and are a critical part of the Wavetronix family. Whether your interests lie in electrical engineering, software coding and design, sales, marketing, manufacturing or accounting, there is a place for you at Wavetronix!

“I enjoy dealing with real situations and trying to find solutions to everyday problems. I love getting to use the latest technology to engage with my coworkers in solving difficult problems.”

– Raul Castillo, Engineer

“I am a more productive, capable, kinder, interesting, and understanding person because of my time at Wavetronix. My leaders, team members, and the company have invested a lot of time and money in my personal development and I hope to repay them by investing the same into all my Wavetronix family and all of our future employees.”

– Amy Arnold, Program Specialist

Current Job Openings