Wavetronix is back at ITS International, this year in Montreal, and we're excited to show off our latest advancements in detection and traffic cabinet interface devices. Come check us out at booth #824

We're as excited as anyone can be for ITS World Congress in Montreal this year. How exctied? Well, we helped light up the city for the event. If you are in the city you've no doubt noticed the new, improved The Jacques Cartier Bridge, which utilizes our SmartSensor HD to turn traffric data into artistic expression. To learn more about this impressive project and our part in it, Click here.. Go check it out and then come check us out on the show floor. 


Wavetronix will use this year’s ITS World Congress to showcase its new Click 656, a cabinet integration device that delivers big data from a surprisingly small package.  With the Click 656, users can easily manage intersection detections from up to six SmartSensor Advance and Matrix units.  The compact device communicates directly with traffic controllers and provides users with access to a number of built-in plots and graphs, including arrival-on-green percentages and overall intersection counts.  The device’s small footprint makes it an ideal solution for even the smallest traffic cabinet.


Visitors at the Wavetronix booth will be able to see the Click 656 and learn how it interacts with our world-class intersection detection products:


SmartSensor Matrix

SmartSensor Matrix sees every vehicle at the intersection, moving or stopped, providing true presence detection. The radar sensor detects each vehicle within its field of view, remembers their positions and can predict future movements for greatly improved detection accuracies for up to 10 lanes of traffic.


SmartSensor Advance

SmartSensor Advance provides dilemma zone protection. It detects the presence of each vehicle at the approach and measures its speed and location. From this information, it creates a unique estimated time of arrival for each vehicle. This dynamic ETA is then communicated to the controller.


Come visit Wavetronix at booth #824 to see this major release from the Wavetronix Click family and learn how the new Click 656 will benefit your intersections.