A work zone detection system in Texas is earning rave reviews.

March 27, 2008

LINDON, UT—A work zone detection system in Texas is earning rave reviews. The system utilizes solar-powered Wavetronix SmartSensors installed on portable trailers from ASTI Transportation Systems, Inc., along with ASTI variable message signs. It was deployed over 16 months ago on Interstate 35 in Hillsboro and covers two separate construction projects.

"The primary design was intended for non-recurring events where traffic flow anomalies could be detected and real-time information automatically disseminated to the traveler," says Bradley Miller, a system analyst and ITS coordinator for the Texas Department of Transportation, Waco District.

The system identifies problems and alerts drivers to recommended alternate routes via VMS. Drivers can also be informed of planned lane or total road closures, and the VMS can also be used for "special content" messages if needed.

According to Miller, the system performance has been impressive. "Public feedback has all been positive," he says. "We intend to deploy other work zone systems on future projects."

More information about the Hillsboro system can be found online at www.wacoIH35hillsboro1.com.