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Smart traffic systems save lives, and Wavetronix radar provides the most reliable data for these systems. Our unique, patented features help increase safety – and because Wavetronix products install above the road, they are safer for road workers as well.

Smart traffic systems save lives.

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Get to where you need to go on time. Wavetronix radar makes intelligent traffic systems more efficient. Our sensors are proven to offer the most accurate and reliable detection for even greater roadway efficiency.

Keep traffic moving.

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You should demand consistent, quality performance, and with Wavetronix radar, that is what you get.  Our SmartSensors are trusted by transportation professionals because they work, providing accurate detection in even difficult conditions.

Works in difficult conditions & over time.

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Wavetronix radar is non-intrusive, so our detections are not affected by changes to the road.  Road surfaces degrade over time and, can be damaged by environmental factors.  Wavetronix radar keeps accurately detecting, even if the road is resurfaced or lanes are shifted - quickly and easily configure your sensor and you’re good to go!


Construction zones are some of the most dangerous situations faced by drivers and workers. Where other detection methods fail, SmartSensors keep detecting so you can navigate through construction zones easily throughout any project. SmartSensor’s non-intrusive nature also allows you to install detection when you’re ready for it, regardless of pavement concerns.

Weather and Lighting Conditions

The weather conditions you hate to drive in are no match for SmartSensor. Wavetronix radar keeps working in difficult weather. The wavelength of radar is larger than visible light, so it can see through snow, rain, fog and other conditions where detection may fail.

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Cost Effective

At Wavetronix, we’re as budget conscious as you. Our sensors save you money: In the short term, they are simple to install - eliminating the need for costly trenching - and can detect multiple lanes with a single unit - reducing the number of devices needed; in the long term, our sensors last for years without expensive, routine maintenance.

Saving time & money up front and over time.

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Wavetronix products are designed to help you simply create smarter traffic systems.  Easy to install and configurable in under an hour, our radar performs complex tasks in a simple way, so you can focus on managing difficult traffic as quickly and easily as possible.

The easiest way to smarter traffic

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Wavetronix is with you every step of the way.  From planning to roadside installation and beyond, our experts can provide the answers and technical training you need to get the results you’re looking for.  At Wavetronix, we don’t succeed until you do.

With you every step of the way.

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